Tree Hive® all got started when I (Mary Claire) was a kid, mixing honey and syrup together on my plate and topping my pancakes with it. I just found them so much better together. 

In 2012, after we had been married four years, on a lazy Saturday morning filled with pancakes, I (Eric) had the idea to bottle up the delicious mixture so everyone else could enjoy it.

Today, we are sold online nationwide and in a growing selection of super cool markets, grocers, and stores in California, Texas, Louisiana, Arkansas, and Oklahoma - Whole Foods Market, H-E-B, Gelson’s, Central Market, Erewhon, Natural Grocers, and more! We're working our hardest to bring it to your local stores as soon as we can.

Thanks for joining us on this journey. It couldn’t be more exciting than grocery shopping for our family and seeing our own product on the shelves! Please drop us a line and let us know how you're enjoying Tree Hive® syrup :)

-Mary Claire & Eric (and kiddos)